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We specialize in additive free cigarettes. In recent years, the quality has improved significantly however they are still relatively unknown mainly because they are hard to find. We at Tobacco Inn carry multiple brands that we have personally found to be great smokes at great prices.


Would you believe that there are 227 brands of cigarettes registered in Texas? Amazing isn't it? There are numerous reasons why we haven't heard of some of the brands but that doesn't mean that they are bad. In fact we have tried dozens and found some to be extremely good!

Besides Roll-Your-Own cigarettes, we offer a select range of cigarettes that are economical and also taste good. A large portion of our stock is devoted to additive-free tobacco such as American Spirit, Seneca, Smoking Joes, and Native. The vast majority of our customers that have tried them, will only smoke them afterwards.

We invite you to come to our store to see our range of cigarettes. If it's your first visit and you are interesting in trying out a few different brands, let us know and we will put together a carton of select brands at a very good trial price.

With regards to the top tier cigarettes like Marlboro, Camel, and Newports, note that we do not stock them as a general rule simply because of the sheer number of brand/style iterations. HOWEVER, since we work with so many different vendors, if you want us to monitor their sales and let you know about upcoming promotions, simply let us know! We can do a special/stock order for you! You can setup an alert online at this page.

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